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  • Carnal Pleasures Collection | Shunga

    This collection includes all the intimate products needed to bring sexual excitement to a new level and experience the full pleasures of carnal love.

    R 1,734.00

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  • Divine Oral Pleasure Gloss | Shunga

    Apply a thick layer to your lips and gently glide them onto your lover’s intimate areas. Before using your tongue, use your lips to successfully rub-off the gloss to the desired area. The warming-cooling effect of this lip gloss is designed to sensitize and excite both the male and female intimate areas.

    R 376.00

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  • Dragon Virility Cream 60ml | Shunga

    Performance for HIM, Pleasure & Orgasms for HER

    R 584.00

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  • Edible body paint 100ml | Shunga

    Just for fun, lovers can let their imagination run wild and enjoy a delicious desert.

    R 289.00

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  • Erotic Massage Oil 250ml | Shunga

    Shunga Erotic Massage Oil

    This 100% natural oil with intoxicating fragrances glides easily and smoothly over the skin without leaving a greasy residue.

    R 272.00R 392.00

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  • Geisha’s Collection – Shunga

    The weekend getaway kit

    R 714.00

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  • Intimate Kisses 100ml | Shunga

    A delicious edible warming oil created especially to excite erogenous zones. Activate by the warm breath of soft intimate kisses.

    R 438.00

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  • Kissable Flavored Body Powder | Shunga

    Turn your partner into a sweet dessert. Simply sprinkle the powder all over the erogenous zones, tickle with feather, and indulge.

    R 522.00

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  • Lovebath 650g | Sensual Gel Pearls | Shunga

    Sensual Japanese Bath experience. Your bath water will transform into thousands of delicate pearls. A subtle perfume will fill the room as you step into this oasis with your lover.

    R 351.00R 376.00

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  • Massage Candle 170ml – Shunga

    This soy based candle can be used both as an ambiance candle and intimate massage oil.

    R 404.00R 413.00

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  • Mini Massage Candle 6pc – Shunga

    This soy based candle can be used both as an ambiance candle and intimate massage oil. Enjoy this convenient travel size… for your every romantic getaway.

    R 745.00

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  • Oriental Crystals | Scented Dead Sea Salt | Shunga

    Foaming scented bath salt. Use these aphrodisiac blue or green lagoon bath salts, velvet bubbles, and mood-setting candle to create an oasis of relaxation.

    R 407.00

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  • Rain of Love | G-Spot Arousal Cream 30ml | Shunga

    The G-Spot stimulation can lead to intense feelings and new heights of sexual arousal, even to multiple orgasms within a same intercourse! Discover the “Rain of Love”

    R 629.00

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  • Secret Garden | Female Orgasm Enhancing Cream 30ml | Shunga

    Multiply her pleasure by applying a dab of this orgasm enhancing cream directly to the clitoral area.Made with stimulating ingredients like Menthol, L-Arginine, and L-Ornithine, it makes the flesh tingle and increases bloodflow and sensation to the area, resulting in increased pleasure.

    R 724.00

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  • Tenderness & Passion Collection | Shunga

    Shunga Erotic Art Tenderness and Passion Collection a lovers celebration! All that is needed to obtain passion through tenderness. This sensual kit includes Erotic Massage Oil, Intimate Kisses Aphrodisiac Oil, Sweet Snow Body Powder and a hand made feather tickler!

    R 1,356.00

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