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  • Bridal Heart – Moodzz

    Bridal Heart More than 100 romantic and sassy challenges for the Bride and Groom! If it’s for the wedding night, a silver wedding anniversary or a more ordinary occasion, the Bridal Heart is the perfect gift for any couple. Success is guaranteed with this game that can lead to a tear of emotion, hilarious laughter, a romantic ode or some fantastic lovemaking.

    R 289.00

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  • Discover your Lover – Games – Moodzz

    An erotic game for two.

    In case you haven’t played it yet…… accept the challenge and give your sexual relation a playful boost.

    R 980.00

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  • Erotic Heart – Moodzz

    More than 21 challenges for pure passion!

    Take of your partners underwear without using your hands. Tell your most intimate fantasy. Start a play with your partner, first do something tender, then something intimate and finally become very passionate. Where shall this lead to ?  The Erotic Heart is a daring and enticing game for you and your partner.

    R 367.00

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  • Gayrotic Heart – Moodzz

    2 men… and more than 100 erotic challenges! A sensory stimulating game for you and your partner. Either you or your partner take a roll from the heart with the tweezers. What is going to happen to you both? Will it be a playful seduction, an exciting fantasy you can share, or a wild challenge? Experience your most intimate moment together!

    R 128.00

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  • Heart For Yourself – Moodzz

    Heart for yourself provides 100 challenges in which all the attention is focused on you. There are 100 paper rolls in a heart shaped box, full of eye openers, challenges and ideas for relaxing moments that will rejuvenate you.

    R 74.00

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  • Heart Full Of Foreplay – Moodzz

    The 100 inspiring challenges in this heart-shaped box will raise your foreplay to rewarding heights: exciting, sensual and leaving you both hungry for more.

    R 229.00

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  • Heart of Butterfly Flutters – Moodzz

    This brilliant heart offers you an enjoyable game that will ensure you get to know your new partner.

    R 128.00

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  • Kama Poker – Games – Moodzz

    Kama Poker is a game in which the two exciting worlds of poker and Kama Sutra meet and combine.

    R 274.00

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  • Kama Sutra Heart – Moodzz

    This heart contains 69 erotic positions which are mostly derived from the centuries-old Indian Kama Sutra; the oriental teachings of love. Discover which of the challenging positions you like best in a playful manner and remember it is very important to respect each other. The styling breathes a true Indian atmosphere.

    R 289.00

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  • Kama Sutra playing cards – Moodzz

    Kama Sutra Cards are an exciting way to spice up your sex life! This chic and stylish card set includes 54 unique Kama Sutra positions for naughty experimentation.

    R 78.00

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  • Kinky Heart – Moodzz

    100 kinky challenges for daring (s)explorations!

    A challenging game for you and your partner if you’re open to exciting experiments. Either you or your partner take a roll out of the heart using the tweezers. What’s going to happen? Will you be fulfilling a secret fantasy or will you be making a completely new experience? Discover the boundaries of your sexual relationship and experience your most intimate moments together.  The Kinky Hearts takes you on a sexual journey and is incomparable to any other game.

    R 231.00

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  • Lucky Love Dice – Bijoux Indiscrets

    Where will the dice fall? Sometimes, love is a matter of chance. Use these dice to discover how lucky you are in love. Bijoux Indiscrets’ dice game has been designed so you can personalize it: you control the intensity of the game every time.

    Contents: 3 dices – 3 sets of 9 repositionable stickers with body parts, actions and places.

    R 196.00

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  • Openhearted Sex Talk – Moodzz

    Openhearted Sex Talk contains more than 100 varied, surprising and challenging questions and assignments that will seduce you and your teammates to be sincere about the sexiest topics.

    R 101.00

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  • Openhearted Speed Dating – Moodzz

    Are you single and do you have an exciting date coming up? You will get to know each other quickly with these 50 surprising questions. Whether this is the first time you are going on a date or you are more experienced: dating is always exciting! How do you start a good conversation in a relaxing manner? What would you really like to know about your date? And how can you quickly find out if you are the right match?

    R 54.00

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  • Penis Cloning Candle Kit | Cloneboy

    After the success of the first series, the Cloneboy team developed a complete new Cloneboy series, which includes a cockring and extra moulding material for an extra reproduction which guarantees you a high quality 3D-replication of your penis. Our kit is suitable for penises of all sizes. Even bend ones.

    R 565.00

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  • Romantic Heart | Moodzz

    Ask your partner to play your most romantic song. Make a trail of rosebuds or candles to a place where you have a surprise waiting for your partner. Tell about a romantic dream you had or write a love poem.

    R 295.00

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  • Sexpert Game Sex Quiz – Moodzz

    This sex game comes with a range of questions that will make you blush, giggle or get it on. The sexy teacher will take you on a juicy journey to test your knowledge.

    R 493.00

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  • Truth or Dare Erotic Party Edition Game – Moodzz

    The makers of the internationally beloved erotic game Discover Your Lover have now put an erotic spin on the famous game of Truth or Dare! The game contains 69 spicy questions and 69 provocative dares. It’s bold, naughty and exciting!

    R 405.00

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