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Want to experience all that sex toys have to offer? Try our Gifts & Pleasure Sets

Want to experience all that sex toys have to offer but don’t know where to start? Try one of our gifts and pleasure sets that includes a variety of different toys, from vibrators and penis rings to butt plugs and more. These gifts and pleasure sets can be used solo or with a partner, and they combine tantalizing options for both men and women.

For those looking for a little enhancement, our gifts and pleasure sets will give you the boost you need. Whether you’re after longer-lasting performance or more sensitive erogenous zones, creams for both him and her are sure to heighten your arousal and heat up your experience.

To indulge all your fantasies, try a pleasure set that is sure to amp up the friskiness in the bedroom. With items like anal toys, edible body paint, warming massage lotion, oral sex enhancers, and bondage accessories, we have something to fulfill every desire.

Frangelique stocks a wide range of the most fashionable and trendy premium brand selections in the world. With these luxurious brands you know you are getting the best quality materials, technology and standards possible. Enjoy browsing through our premium designer gifts and pleasure sets. Whatever your pleasure, our gifts & Pleasure sets can take you there.

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