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Anal Lube.

Anal lube helps Because the anus isn’t self-lubricating.
It is ESPECIALLY important to make sure you’re all lubed up before engaging in any butt play.
But not all lubes are the same. Some are silicone based, some are water based, and others are oil based.

How can you tell which one is best for you?

Silicone, water, and oil based lube all have their benefits and drawbacks.
For universal use that you can use with condoms and toys, water-based is the way to go.
As you go higher up in viscosity, there are also other things to take into consideration.
Silicone lube works for condoms, but it can degrade the rubber on your silicone sex toys. It’s usually advertised whether it’s condom and toy safe on the packaging.
Oil-based will give you more slipperiness, it’s not compatible with condoms or toys.
What makes a lube great for anal play might not make it great for other things.
For example, you should never use oil-based lubes with condoms, as it could cause the condom to break down.