Sex Toys for Beginners

Sex Toys for Beginners

Are you a first-timer exploring adult toys or considering buying for you and your partner? Where would you even begin to look?

Sex toys are an intimidating subject to talk about. You never know what you or your partner may agree to. Sure, it seems daunting but it doesn’t have to be impossible to talk about, especially if you and your partner are open with one another. Whether you’re a first time buyer, building up the courage to chat to your partner about spicing up the bedroom. Read through this, chat to your partner and see where the road takes you!

When buying for the first time don’t intimidate your partner with the biggest toy you can find, you may just end up intimidating yourself for that matter.

In this instance, size does matter.

Remember: Dynamite DOES come in small packages.

Once you’ve decided and have gained a taste of your first toy you may find that it was not intimidating as once though but rather you may have experienced a heightened sexual experience with your partner and wanting to add more to the collection.

Perhaps from here you may consider something bigger, stronger and really exciting.

Best beginner Sex Toys

Read through the list below for some great first time toys that you want to consider:


1.       LILY 2

More powerful, more beautiful, and more discreet, LILY 2 is perfect for solo play or nestling between partners during love-making, delicately infused with a signature fragrance to satisfy all of your senses. Now 100% waterproof and rechargeable, with 8 stimulation patterns – LILY 2 lets you explore endless pleasure wherever it takes you.

2.       ORA 2

ORA 2 is about pleasure – sheer, raw, indulgent pleasure. The newly enhanced pleasure nub rotates and vibrates, like a tongue, but better. Its award-winning Sense Touch technology increases the intensity of the vibrations as you apply more pressure. It knows exactly what you want, and how to give it to you.

3.       MIA 2

For women who aren’t afraid to indulge their deepest desires, MIA 2 allows you to be spontaneous yet discreet wherever you go. The perfect way to keep your pleasure truly to yourself, the USB rechargeable MIA 2 massager possesses hidden power and fits perfectly at home in your purse or bedside drawer.

4.       We Aim to Please

Sleek and slender with an elegant reflective silver finish, We Aim to Please is a clitoral vibrator that intensifies solo pleasure and enhances foreplay. Slip the petite bullet vibe between you and your lover to escalate shared pleasure during lovemaking.

5.       MIO

Je Joue Mio Cock Ring is great for couple play. Worn by the male, it provides an enhanced and longer lasting erection for him, and if positioned correctly, offers the lady intense clitoral stimulation by means of the vibrating bullet, allowing simultaneous and intense orgasms. Simply add some water-based lubricant, slide the cock ring down the base of the penis making sure that the vibrating section is positioned facing upwards. Use its five vibration levels and patterns, varying from super soft to an intense sensation to pursue simultaneous orgasms.

6.       Bend Over Beginners Strap-On Dildo Kit

The Bend Over Beginner Kit was designed for those who would like a “starter” kit, so you can pace your exploration with comfort and safety. The kit includes an adjustable, machine-washable harness, a Silk Small and Silk Medium dildo, a 1.48″ O-ring, and a bullet vibrator that fits into a small pocket in the harness. There’s also an extra 1.53″ O-ring, so that the harness can be used with toys of different diameter.

7.       Mimi Soft

Sensual Mimi experience with an added layer of silky softness. Offering all of the external stimulation pleasure of Mimi but with an added layer of velvety soft and flexible silicone, the Mimi soft offers five vibration and pulsation patterns – perfect for beginners and aficionados alike.

8.       GiGi 2

For women who know the pleasure they want and how to get it, the world-famous GIGI 2 takes G-Spot orgasms to a whole new level.

9.       London Love-in Pleasure Kit

The original pleasure kit for an iconic all-nighter. Kick-start your collection of premium pleasure accessories and awaken to stirring new sensations with this play set. Comprising pebble vibrator and cock ring components, plus a motor to power them, complete satisfaction is yours for the taking.

10.    Tango

Take powerful pleasure anywhere. Petite, powerful and pocket-size. Tango is designed for precise external stimulation. The tapered tip delivers intense vibrations with pinpoint focus, while the flat edge is perfect for all-over massage. It’s rechargeable, body-safe and 100% waterproof. With 8 vibration modes to choose from, Tango is perfect on its own or to add vibrations to your favourite pleasure product.

11.    PalmPower Massager

Feel the ULTIMATE power in the palm of your hand and experience for yourself why its invigorating, strong and relaxing power is loved around the world!

12.    Mini Wand

The Swan Wand is easily Swan’s most powerful model yet. Beautiful in design, extraordinary in power, the Swan Wand is perfect for soothing sore muscles, or for some intense fun for the naughty & adventurous.

13.    Ami

Deeper, richer orgasms with the world’s first progressive Kegel set. With three progressive weights – from soft weight single ball to hard and heavy double ball – Ami enhances pelvic fitness, allowing deeper and more intense orgasms alongside a range of health benefits, all at a self-selected pace.

14.    Quickshot Vantage

Meet the QUICKSHOT Vantage by Fleshlight, is the most compact sleeve to date. Watch every satisfying moment through an entirely clear case and sleeve. Equipped with a winding, grinding screw-like texture, Vantage lends itself to a visibly commanding experience.

15.  Ashley

The Ashley is a doubly delicious delight with its powerful dual action vibrations that tickle all the right places! It boasts a 7 mode control panel and easy handling, this waterproof clitoral and G-spot vibe is a divine choice for beginners.

16.    Anni Round T1

Put a sparkle where the sun doesn’t shine! The beauty of this anal jewel will make you a star. Anal plug from Diogol decorated with the Swarovski Elements jewel will pleasantly stimulate your intimate parts.

17.    I Rub My Duckie Paris

I Rub My Duckie is a very discreet erotic toy and a strong body massager. This cleverly disguised waterproof playmate has a very powerful vibration with many hidden talents. I Rub My Duckie is the ultimate bath time companion and an exciting new way to get clean!

18.    Feel It Baby

Feel it baby Vibrating cock ring. A smooth silicone cock ring with incredibly powerful vibrations feel it baby. Is a must have toy for couples. Strong and stretchy for a snug fit the ring keeps him harder for longer and sends delicious sensations straight to her clitoris.

19.    Za Za Zu

Trap your lover with the softness of feathers. Za Za Zu invites you into a game of contrasts: roll up handcuffs into a ball in your hand, and caress your lover’s body with the soft feather. You can also alternate between the softness of the feathers and the cold metal chain.

20.    We Aim To Please

Sleek and slender with an elegant reflective silver finish, We Aim to Please is a clitoral vibrator that intensifies solo pleasure and enhances foreplay. Slip the petite bullet vibe between you and your lover to escalate shared pleasure during lovemaking.

21.  Anal Balls

These Malesation anal beads hit his hot spot. This beauty is graduated for gentle insertion and the ergonomic design complements the natural shape of the body.

22.    Super Soft C-Ring

The Super Soft Ring is stretchier than the standard Tantus C-rings, so it is easier to put on. Great for beginners, too. Last but certainly not least: you don’t have to put it on before an erection occurs; the silicone is stretchy enough you can put it on anytime.

23.    Swell Cock Ring

The Swell Cock Ring is put through a loop over the penis and pulled as tight as desired. Thus, the erection is not only stronger, but also long-lasting. The fact that you have the ability to adjust the size itself, the penis ring is optimal. You have a perfect fit, which is additionally supported by the softer surface. The textured surface provides additional stimulation during lovemaking.

24.    Varioring

The Joy Division VarioRing is a silicone cock ring that has an adjustable closure allowing it to fit perfectly on any size penis. Allowing you to control the tension by constricting blood flow, this cock ring allows for a fuller and stronger erection and assists with erectile dysfunction issues. Perfect for longer lasting endurance, and harder, fuller, and stronger erections.